The Historic Village at Allaire offers various internships throughout the year, and we typically have several interns on our staff during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. We regularly work with many of the local colleges and universities within the State of New Jersey, as well as some schools outside of the state. The Historic Village at Allaire does not provide student housing and internships are generally unpaid. Many of our interns help us conduct historic research and put together projects for the museum.

General Guidelines for Internships

  • All internships are a minimum of 100 hours
  • The internships must have at least a five-week duration
  • Allaire Village Inc. is flexible with scheduling; however, the intern must adhere to their schedule
  • Habitual tardiness and absences will lead to termination
  • The dress code of Allaire Village Inc. is casual yet presentable
  • All paperwork required by your school must be presented at the start of your internship
  • All interns are required to attend at least one living history event during their internship
  • Interns are generally required to do a final project or research paper

Internships Available

  • Museum Research
  • Museum Collections and Cataloging
  • Office Administrative
  • Living History Research and Presentation
  • Business Operations

If you are interested in learning more about our internship programs, please contact Daryl Lynn O’Connell or Bonnie Brown at 732-919-3500 (ext 11 or ext 12) or