The Historic Village at Allaire offers a variety of internships throughout the year that are designed to help build up and maintain the village, as well as show interns how historic museums operate. We regularly work with many of the local colleges and universities to create an experience for the interns that are both beneficial to the village and educational for the intern.

Below are the details on the types of unpaid internships we have to offer and what you will be learning throughout the process.

Fundraising, Development and Operations: This intern will be working in the office assisting the Director of Historical Interpretation in researching and applying for grant opportunities that benefit the museum.  Also this intern would have the opportunity to work with a seasoned CPA, who was a former CFO for a top tech firm in NYC, to examine and explore aspects of museum operations to ensure positive cash flow from various sources (events, facility rentals, sponsors). Help assist with developing a framework for seasonal events to ensure financial viability of the business, as well as measurements for success (or challenges encountered). Help perform financial analysis and develop financial projections.

Event Assistant: This intern would be working with the Event and Marketing Coordinator to help enhance social media, print media, and website platforms to “market” and bring in new audiences to events and programs. They would also help to develop and establish “customer service” and “visitor experience” guidelines and protocol for the village. Finally, they would also assist in the planning and operation of the museum’s major events.

Collections and Archives: The intern in this program would be working in our library and collections to help maintain, restore, and catalog all of the museum’s artifacts. This includes cleaning out our historic buildings, using the program Past Perfect to identify and record all donated artifacts, and conduct historical research.  Intern will have the opportunity to handle and preserve historic artifacts from the 19th century.

Historical Research: Work with the Museum’s Director of Historical Interpretation and Programming to enhance the history of current historical sites/buildings. Using our library and collections this intern would work on the development of new historical areas to be interpreted in the village, with emphasis on creating engaging interactive activities for visitors. This program offers the intern a chance to gain exposure to research methods, presentation, public speaking, visitor engagement, and the development of history on the local and national scale.


Hours are flexible, interns can work between the months of May-July in the office open from Monday through Saturday between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.


Any person interested in these internships should contact the Volunteer and Intern Supervisor.

Gina Palmisano

732-919-3500 ex:10