About Us


About Us
Allaire Village, Inc. is a non-profit educational and historic preservation organization working in a unique partnership with the State of New Jersey. It is the goal of Allaire Village, Inc. to preservative, while educating the general public, on the Howell Works Company, an early 19th Century iron producing community, and on the life of James Peter Allaire, a prominent 19th Century marine engine manufacturer.  We also demonstrate and preserve the everyday life of ordinary people in the 19th century.  When possible, we encourage the public to take part in historic activities and gain a hands-on experience with the past.  

The mission of Allaire Village, Inc. is to assist and advise the State of New Jersey in certain phases of the development, restoration, preservation, interpretation, and operation of the Historic Howell Works within Allaire State Park. To accomplish this mission, the Corporation shall be known as the Historic Village at Allaire. Shall promote the historical, aesthetic, and cultural significance of the Historic Howell Works by means of news media, exhibits, displays, demonstrations, cultural programs, tours, seminars, conferences, interpretive programs, publications, and any other acceptable and approved means. Shall review the plans of the State as related to Historic Howell Works in Allaire State Park. Shall develop, produce, and distribute educational material and conduct school and public educational tours and programs. Shall maintain a historical library directly pertaining to the Historic Howell Works. Shall encourage and participate in the acquisition, restoration, preservation, research and display of appropriate and/or related artifacts and memorabilia. Shall acknowledge and catalog all items acquired by gift and keep a permanent up-to-date record of same. Shall purchase appropriate items for use in the Historic Howell Works. Shall raise funds to carry out the objective by any acceptable and approved means and shall encourage contributions from private individuals, groups, and organizations.

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