Gardener’s Cottage

This three story apartment was added to the Carriage House shortly after its completion in 1833 to provide accommodations for a full time gardener. The gardener was employed to provide food for dormitory residents and fresh produce for sale at the General Store. It is uncertain what was produced in the Howell Works garden, but it can be assumed that it was a variety of vegetables and some fruits, perhaps a small orchard was on the premises too.

We know for certain two of the men employed as gardeners. One, Lawrence Berry, we know little about other than he was employed in 1825-26. The second gardener was Digby Odlum who began working at the Howell Works in 1841, when he first appears in the Tax Ratables. He was born in 1800 in Ireland. His wife was named Elizabeth; she was from New Jersey. As of 1850 he had two children, Lawrence and Oliver. It’s unclear how long Odlum worked after 1851 because records are unclear. James P. Allaire wrote numerous letter to his second wife, Calicia, expressing his dissatisfaction at the produce Odlum produced. Allaire advised his wife to procure produce from New York or from other local farmers. The food Odlum produced, however was likely sufficient for the employees. Odlum was not the gardener in 1836.