Allaire Scouting Patch Program

The Historic Village offers a scouting patch for Boy and Girl Scouts.  The patch program gives scouts the opportunity to explore what life was like in the past by interacting with our historic interpreters and exploring the historic buildings.  The patch program for Allaire was designed and created by a Farmingdale, NJ resident in 2004 working towards her Gold Award and was revamped in 2016.  The program is a questionnaire, scavenger hunt throughout the village.  To earn the patch, scouts must complete:

  • five activities in the Visitor Center
  • visit three historic homes (Row House, Foreman’s Cottage, Manager’s House, or Chapel)
  • visit three craft shops (Blacksmith Shop, Carpentry Shop, Blast Furnace, or General Store)
  • visit Mr. Allaire’s house
  • explore five activities of historic life
  • complete the “What’s That?” section, which identifies items or activities that are unfamiliar to us today

The program is targeted to scouts 6-12 years of age. For questions or more information please contact Lauren ( or 732-919-3500 ext. 14 for more information.