Artisans of Allaire

Our volunteers are active in a variety of areas throughout the village. Interpreters are stationed in the residences and engage visitors to the village in conversations regarding life in 1836; the year we chose to focus on as it was a prosperous time at the Howell Works and the furnace was in full blast – business was booming!

Many of our volunteers are artisans and craftsmen; practicing a variety of folk arts from the 1800’s.  Many of the products and works of art produced are on sale in our General Store for our visitors to purchase as one-of-a-kind souvenirs of their visit to the Historic Village at Allaire.

Some of our works include:

Necklaces, key chains, hooks, tent stakes, bottle openers, etc.
Courtesy of our Blacksmiths

Dolls, quilting squares, belts, bookmarks, bonnets, haversacks, etc.
Courtesy of our Textile artists

Candle holders, tart trays, whistles, lanterns, graters, etc.
Courtesy of our Tinsmiths

Bracelets, key fobs, small purses, large stand-up purses, etc.
Courtesy of our Leathersmiths

Below are some of our volunteer tradesmen and women along with their handmade work!