22 Uses for Apples By Heather Roselle

Apple Fest 2022 is upon us! Here are 22 uses for the apples still sitting in the bags from the last time you went apple-picking. 

  1. Simmer with cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and water to make a stovetop air freshener.
  2. Bob for apples!
  3. Play “Medieval Basketball” with apples instead of rocks!
  4. Carve faces into apples!
  5. Play bocce with apples!
  6. Make apple bread (you can also add zucchini and carrots if you’re low on veggies for the day)
  7. Make apple cider in a slow cooker!
  8. Overnight oats with apples!
  9. Caramel apples with cinnamon!
  10. Grilled cheese with brie and apples!
  11. Preserve the seeds and plant a tiny apple tree!
  12. Make natural fabric dye with leaves and stems!
  13. No churn apple pie ice cream!
  14. Use a bowl of apples as a reference to practice painting and drawing!
  15. Make an apple stamp to decorate a t- shirt with fabric paint!
  16. Hear me out: apple cheddar soup!
  17. Make an apple bird feeder!
  18. End-of-summer apple salsa!
  19.  Store half an apple with your baked goods to keep them moist for longer!
  20. Make Halloween-themed spooky apple heads!
  21. Time for self-care! Make an apple and oatmeal face mask!

Pitching practice!

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