School Tours


Village Life Tour

In this guided tour costumed interpreters will walk students through our 1836 village stopping along the way in the Visitor’s Center, Chapel/Schoolhouse, Blacksmith Shop, Carpentry Shop, Manager’s House, and General Store. While traveling from building to building they will also draw your attention to various other points of interest. This tour will highlight what daily life was like in the year 1836, giving students a chance to see craftsmen practicing their trade and learn about occupations of the past, get a glimpse of a 19th century school day, and see how the lives of everyday people in the early 19th century differ from the lives we lead today.

Games on the Green: Take a playcation to 1836

Have you ever wondered what people in the past did for fun? Did they sit down to play games in the family room after coming home from work or school? What sort of games did they play in industrial communities like the one at Allaire? And, most important of all, were the games they played as much fun as the games we play today? If these questions got you curious, then the Historic Village at Allaire’s Games on the Green experience is the right choice for you! Games on the Green balances entertainment and education for school, scout, and camp groups! With a selection of historic games to choose from curated to appeal to visitors of all ages, this is the perfect program for school, scout, and camp groups looking to bring history to life!

Two tour slots are available for reservation each day: a morning tour slot, running from 10AM to 12PM; and an afternoon slot, from 12 PM to 2 PM. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing that is appropriate for the weather and easy to move around in. Groups must provide their own food and water. Thirty minutes of rest and recovery time are scheduled into the tour. Groups must provide their own garbage bags and remove their waste with them.

To book one of the amazing tours above, Email or Call Lauren ( or 732-919-3500 ext. 14)

Everyone History 

 We have created a new program for all special needs schools and organizations this year called “Everyone History”. This program offers the chance for everyone to experience history first hand regardless of any special needs or disabilities. Our intention is to work closely with you on whatever needs/requirements and or requests you will need to make this tour accommodate the students/members in your organization.

This spring and summer we will offer two time slots for our special needs tours; 10am-12pm and 12pm-2pm. However, these times can be adjusted to be shorter depending what works best for your group. “Everyone History” tours will be offered at a discount from our regular tour rates.

To Book an Everyone History tour, please reach out to Shelby ( or & 732-919-3500 ext.19)