Scout Projects

We always have projects available for Boy Scout Eagle Scout Projects and Girl Scout Gold Award Projects. All the projects would be giving back to the community as Allaire is a non-profit.  We are open to additional ideas and projects.  Please contact the office at 732-919-3500 or for potential projects. Some examples are listed below:

Small Projects

  • Prepare the soil and beds for new gardens
  • Help develop new interpretive programs or visitor engagement programs

Medium Projects

  • Construct walkway to the Manager’s House for ADA compliance
  • Construct walkway(s) to Blacksmith Shop for ADA compliance
  • Enhance access to Enameling Building and Carriage House via northern path/bridge across the Mill Pond
  • Build a fence around the back of Mr. Allaire’s house (The Big House)
  • Rebuild/repair wooden toll booths
  • Construct two semi-permanent outside wooden table near the Blast Furnace for interactive program presentations

Large Projects

  • Assist with making the historic buildings ADA compliance
  • Replace and Repair the Barn roof and siding
  • Restore and repair the Boys Dormitory floor
  • Enhance the interpretive site that contains the old stone mill wheels