The Little Red Schoolhouse


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School days, like our everydays, have changed. But the obsolete world of the one-room schoolhouse filled with rough-hewn desks still lingers. The echoes of yesteryear live on in the old-fashioned classrooms that still stand today. Harkening back to a time when the three Rs actually stood for reading, ‘riting, and religion, Eric Sloane’s sketchbook explores the history and spirit of early American schools. In this vivid slice of Americana, he tells of when paper was a precious commodity, explains the origins of words such as “blackboard” and “moonlighting,” and offers evocative illustrations of New England’s eighteenth- and nineteenth-century schoolhouses and their delightfully modest interiors. Filled with insight, warmth, and honest nostalgia, The Little Red Schoolhouse is an enchanting journey into a bygone past. Reprint of the Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, 1972 edition. 2007 Dover Publications.


ISBN: 9780486456041


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