Five Ways to Spice Up Your Visit to Allaire Village

The moment you arrive at the Historic Village at Allaire, you’re stepping into a time machine. Our guests do not simply observe the memories of a world gone by. Rather, visitors bring history to life by actively participating in the great experiences Allaire has to offer. Follow these guidelines to make your trip worthwhile:

  1. Indulge Your Senses at the Bakery

The foods at our bakery—cakes, bread, and pies to name a few—were once enjoyed by the villagers at Allaire in the 1800s. The next time you bite into a crunchy village cookie, remember that the workers had those same tasty sensations over a hundred years ago. If you love the smells, think about how much the villagers enjoyed these lovely aromas after a hard day’s labor. Allaire was known for a few delicious recipes in its day, and now you can taste them for yourself.

  1. If You See Something Cool, Ask About It

Our village contains a wealth of knowledge that’s waiting to be discovered. Social, work, and private life were as fascinating in the 19th century as they are today. If there’s anything you want to know more about in our village, ask! Observation alone only scratches the surface of Allaire’s textured past. Talk to our interpreters and peel back the deep layers of history. Who knows, you might even get a couple of great stories out of it.

  1. Listen to the Rustic Village Sounds

It isn’t too common nowadays to hear the creak of a wagon wheel or the hammering of iron. Allaire offers a symphony of unique sounds if you’re willing to stop and listen for them. As long as these noises remain, the heartbeat of the past will continue to pulse. If you want to embrace Allaire as it once was, take yourself out of a modern state of mind. Come to Allaire and soak in the sounds of New Jersey as it was years ago. Speaking of leaving modern materials behind…

  1. Don’t Get Tempted By Your Phone

I know, I know. Living without the world at our fingertips isn’t an easy task. However, you won’t be able to fully dive into the Allaire time capsule unless you leave electronic technology behind for a while. Try putting yourself in a villager’s mindset. Think about the ways Allaire workers could communicate over long distances and entertain themselves; it wasn’t as boring as you might think. After all, the 19th century managed to give us baseball and some incredible literature.

  1. Wander the Village

Remember that Allaire is an entire village, so there’s always something new to see. Try not to go in aiming to see all the buildings in prompt order. A checklist-style schedule can cause you to miss a lot. Take some time to walk around and notice the little things at the village. Above all, be spontaneous! We don’t want you to feel like you’re in a museum. We want you to feel like you’re really in 19th century Howell. Wander freely to paint a more vibrant picture of history. Some of the coolest things are the ones you just stumble upon.

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