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The Historical Village at Allaire is the caretaker of an extensive collection of historical objects from the 19th century – our collection is literally all around you!  Each of our historic buildings contains objects that were used by our ancestors in their daily lives – circa 1836. Although we try to stay true to the time period we interpret in the Village, many items are from an earlier time period, and some, are a bit later. The Big House (Mr. Allaire’s residence) shows best with a slightly later period of furnishing paired with more timely items. The overall effect is to create an atmosphere that best represents the influence of time and the people who inhabited the home throughout the life of the Howell Works.  Other buildings and homes also seek to create this atmosphere from the past, and care has been taken to select objects from the collection that best depict the lifestyles and tastes of the community members based on their economic and social standing in the village.

Some items of particular interest when you visit:

The Tilt Top Table/Bench that is on view in the Foreman’s Cottage – a clever way to make use of space in a small area, this piece of furniture is used for both the dining table and, when the top is tilted up, a chair that can be used when company comes calling.

The period Tape Loom – also in the Foreman’s Cottage – this hand-made loom, used to make small ribbon width weavings used for belts, decorative trim for clothing, straps for haversacks etc. is a work of art unto itself. Made in the mid-1800’s this is truly a unique historical object that was used to make one of a kind items 180 years ago and is still in use by our artisans today.

A newly refurbished leather crafting bench (stitching pony) is being added to the Wheelwright Shop (located in the same building as the Carpenter and Tinsmith shops.) The bench, brought to life by our Carpenter, Jeff Miller, is designed to allow leather workers to use both hands when stitching a project. The clamp at the top of the bench handily holds the project and allows the crafter to sit astride the bench facing his work while stitching with both hands!

Finally, one of our most intriguing items can be found in the Managers House – The Sausage Stuffer is a tool that always possess a challenge to visitors to “guess what this was used for?”  On your next visit stop by the house and see if you can find this handy tool which would have been in most 1836 kitchens.

More interesting items next month!!

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